Eric Homan, assistant professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design, teaches and specializes in HD video production and editing, digital imaging, design principles, digital compositing, motion graphics, and sound design. He has received several awards from around the world for his artwork, including a Telly Award in 2001 for his computer animation piece Life Forms. His documentary short films include Treasures of the Hocking Hills, David Hostetler: Artist in Nature, Western Heavens on Earth, Comic Book Culture, Artcars, Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages, and The Inventor’s Angled Measuring Cup. BFA, CCAD; MFA, Florida Atlantic University.

Eric is also an expert/ connoisseur of comic books and graphic novels, rock music history, and all things movies.

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Educator. Documentarian. Video Artist. Dreamer. Explorer. Creative.

These are some of my cinematic professions that I thrive for in the video, motion graphics, and photography fields. In order to create original and personal works, I seek out exploring the infinity of imagination, human idiosyncrasies, and emotional vulnerabilities. In describing the diverse, eclectic content and breath of my documentary and experimental video work, I investigate upon a phantasmagoria of topics that deal with the world around me, whether they be hopes, dreams, dramas, comedies, or the collective dreamworld. Through time-based compositions, colors, light, and soundscapes, I seek subjects that appeal to me and then add in my own senses of wonder, humor, creativity, curiosity, fact-finding, sensitivity, heart, and real feeling.




American Southwest: Landscape Expressions

This is a short film showcasing (super)natural landscape expressions across the American Southwest. I used an outer space theme because of the surreal nature environments I traveled, captured, and explored. What one finds at each is an extraordinary Expressionistic “ImagiNation Destination”.


Video Reel: Eric Homan - 2014

The following is a compilation of video work and 3D photograph parallax shots I’ve worked on over the past few years.




An exploration to find wonderment, discovery, bliss, and marvels on a planetary surface, this video short showcases (super)natural landscape expressions from the American Southwest. What one finds is an Expressionistic “ImagiNation Destination”.