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Personal Cinema Introduction

These personal cinema works are semi-autobiographical self-expression video shorts in the vein of Harvey Pekar’s seminal “American Splendor”, just done with video rather than comic book panels.

The Irish Wishing Tree

In the tradition of the PostSecrets website and books, this is a personal video piece of the most secret, touching, intimate thoughts from the minds of innocents, young and old alike. Some are funny. Some are heartbreaking. Some are profound. Some are devastating. Some are full of wonder. Some of guilt-ridden. Some are insane. Some are painful. Some are prayerful. Some are depressing. Some are hopeful. Some are absurd. Some are soulful. Some are ridiculous. Some are innocent. Some are naughty. Some are political. Some are revealing. Some are secrets. Some are blessed. Some are just wishes on a tree in Dublin, Ohio USA. Some are written by children. Some are written by the elderly. Some are written by pre-teens and teenagers. Some are written by adults. All are written by wishers and dreamers.

Drive Back to My Hometown blurb

Reflections on This Video
On October 12th, 1996, my mother was killed in a car accident, which resulted in a huge hole in my and my family’s lives. Back in mid August of 2013, I made a trip back to my hometown for the first time in years. But this time I made it by myself and I candidly recorded my experiences and thoughts through the day. It even has intentionally raw audio narration recordings to add to a less “slick”, “professional” nature. The memory of my mother followed me for hours. And this video turned out to be in heartfelt remembrance to her.
It’s arguably the most personal video I’ve ever made. I tend to make a lot of personal video art. I was pleased with how this one turned out with finally articulating how I’ve felt about the small town I grew up in and eventually left behind. This video also deals with the loss of my mother as I’ve grown from “son” into “father”. Yet for one single day, I found myself walking through a ghost town filled with way too many memories.
I was also inspired by the autobiographical comics of Harvey Pekar, a kindred spirit who also wrote and expressed his own feelings about being alive and his Ohio hometown.

The South Florida Escape blurb

A time art production of time-lapse flights of traveling and memory, this video short features a quest to find rejuvenation from the doldrums of winter.

Comic Book Culture blurb

“Comic Book Culture is an exploration of the various benefits and riches attributed to comic books and graphic novels. This documentary ventures into comic book stores and conventions – peak inside for a glimpse of what it’s like.